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It’s all bodies: Bodying concepts and ideas; Material bodies - animal, plant and object; Collections and groupings - bodies of bodies. 

Agency of bodies, bodies agency over other bodies. 

Interactions of bodies, bodies interactions with other bodies.

All bodies are in motion. 

All bodies are changing.

All bodies are durational.

All bodies are components.

A part of parts is not apart.

Trial and error is playful, a process for creation. 

Sometimes trials fail.

Sometimes errors are successful. 

Functions are used uselessly.

Presence implies absence.

In is out. Out is in.

Sound takes out your mind.

Everything is musical.

Everything is sculpture.

Everything is drawing.

Everything is performative.

Repetitive changes accumulate. 

Everything is political.

Everything is philosophical.

Everything is psychological.

Simple techniques, LoFi, DIY. Imperfections made

by the hands of a human being. 

Hands are a component of the body, and are bodies themselves. 

Hands, a body of digits.

Digital bodies in analog. 

Analog bodies in digital.

The human body is humorous. Humour is human. Laughter is a bodily

response to humour. 

We have bodies.

We are these bodies.

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